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Demi-Loaf® Doughs

Description Item # GTIN-14 Unit Weight Fact Sheet
White Demi-Loaf Dough, Tray Pack 6122 10047500002407 60/6 oz View
Honey Wheat Demi-Loaf Dough, Tray Pack 6124 10047500002414 60/6 oz View
Brioche Demi-Loaf Dough, Tray Pack 6126 10047500008706 60/6 oz View
Sourdough Demi-Loaf, Tray Pack 6130 10047500005590 60/6 oz View
French Demi-Loaf Dough, Tray Pack 6211 10047500002421 60/6 oz View
Bavarian Demi Loaf Dough, Tray Pack 6425 10047500002438 60/6 oz View
Island Sweet Demi-Loaf Dough, Tray Pack 6131 10047500017494 60/6 oz View

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Insist on the brand that has served America's foodservice estalishments since 1932! Bridgford School Foodservice fulfills US school breakfast and lunch requirements.

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