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Smart Snacks and Whole Grain

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Strawberry and Lemon Kolaches

2Bridgford Pre-Formed White Whole Wheat Dough Sheets (or Bridgford White Dough Sheets)
1 cuplemon curd, fruit jam or preserves
3 cupsfresh or frozen (thawed) berries

Lightly grease 2 full sheet pans. Remove 2 sheets of dough from case, separate while frozen and place on counter. Let the dough thaw until pliable enough to cut through (5-10 minutes). Using a knife, divide sheet into 12 equal squares (16 for white dough). For round kolaches, use a biscuit cutter. Place dough pieces 1-2 inches apart on prepared sheet pans. Brush with melted butter or spray with vegetable oil.  Place in proofer to rise until double. With back of spoon or finger-tips, make 1-inch indentations in the middle of each circle. Fill each with 2 teaspoons lemon curd or jam. Bake in a preheated 325-degree convection oven for 7-9 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove from oven and brush with additional melted butter if desired. Let cool. Once cooled, top filling with berries (approximately 2 tablespoons per Kolache).


Yield: 24 kolaches (white wheat dough), 32 kolaches (white dough)

Child Nutrition Servings:

1 Kolache

2 oz dough = 2 oz equivalent grain

Fruit = berries = 1 serving (1/8th cup)

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