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Hugh Bridgford, center, and sons Allan (left) and Bill (right) at the Anaheim plant in 1962.

Bridgford Foods Corporation traces its roots back over 81 years to February 1932, when our founder Hugh H. Bridgford (1908-1992) opened a retail meat market in San Diego, California.  Our business first evolved into several retail meat markets, and later to meat wholesaling, frozen food distribution, meat processing and frozen food manufacturing.  The Company is now headquartered in Anaheim, California, about four miles from Disneyland.  In addition to meat processing and bakery operations in Anaheim, the Company has fouradditional factories: two in Dallas, Texas, one in Chicago, Illinois and one in Statesville, North Carolina.

First Store

Hugh Bridgford, center, behind the counter of his first retail meat market in San Diego in 1934.

Bridgford Foods
pioneered the manufacture and sale of frozen bread dough to supermarkets and institutional customers, beginning in 1962.  The first products were made at the Anaheim meat-processing facility.  Additional frozen bread plants were added in Dallas in 1968 and 1985, and in Statesville, North Carolina in 1996.  In 1975, we acquired our Chicago meat processing facility, which has a heavy emphasis on dry and semi-dry sausage, as well as beef jerky.

Innovation, high quality and consistency are the major attributes of Bridgford Foods Corporation’s products, which have been awarded 109 goldmedals by the California State Fair and Exposition.  Bridgford Foods was selected as one of “The 200 Best Small Companies In America” by Forbes Magazine in 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993.  We are proud to have received the “Gold Taste Award” medal for bakery products from the American Tasting Institute in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004, and for Bridgford Pepperoni and Bridgford Beef Jerky in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

1997 Edward C. Jones Community Service Award presented by The American Meat Institute

1997 Edward C. Jones Community Service Award presented by The American Meat Institute
Our principal product lines include frozen bread dough products for both the food service and retail trade, shelf-stable dry and semi-dry sausage products, beef jerky, frozen Micro-Ready sandwiches, and delicatessen products for retail markets in the Southwestern U.S. Recent innovations include Bridgford Monkey Bread and long-life shelf stable sandwiches.

Bridgford Foods Corporation currently has approximately 500 employees.  Our products are sold in all 50 states, Canada and several overseas markets.  The Company’s common stock (9.1 million shares outstanding) is traded on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol “BRID.”  There are approximately 1,000 shareholders.  Members of the Bridgford family own or control more than 80% of the common stock, and many members of the extended Bridgford family hold key management positions in the Company.  Financial information is available at

Bridgford Foods Corporation is managed by a five member Executive Committee which reports to the Board of Directors.  Members are Allan L. Bridgford, Vice President, William L. Bridgford, Chairman of the Board, John V. Simmons, President,  Raymond F. Lancy, Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer and Hugh Wm. Bridgford, Chairman of the Executive Committee.

Directors Todd C. Andrews, Vice President and Controller, Public Storage, Inc; Bruce H. Bridgford, Vice President; William L. Bridgford, Chairman; Raymond F. Lancy, CFO; D. Gregory Scott, Managing Director, Peak Holdings, LLC; John Simmons, President; Paul R. Zippwald, Retired (formerly Regional Vice President, Bank of America).

Officers Allan L. Bridgford, Vice President, member of the Executive Committee; Bruce H. Bridgford, Vice President; Hugh Wm. Bridgford, Chairman Executive Committee and Vice President; Michael Bridgford, Assistant Secretary; William L. Bridgford, Chairman and member of the Executive Committee; Chris Cole, Vice President; Joe deAlcuaz, Vice President Manufacturing; Bob Delong, Vice President, Information Technologies; Raymond F. Lancy, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and member of the Executive Committee; Cindy Matthews-Morales, Corporate Secretary and Controller; John V. Simmons, President and member of the Executive Committee; Daniel R. Yost, Senior Vice President.

Division Managers Baron R. H. Bridgford, President, Bridgford Processing Company of Illinois, Bridgford Foods of Illinois; Blaine K. Bridgford, President, Dallas - Superior Foods Division; Bruce H. Bridgford, Chairman & President, Bridgford Foods of California; Joseph deAlcuaz, Vice President, Dallas - Frozen-Rite Division; Monty Griffith, Vice President, Bridgford Foods of North Carolina; Jeffrey D. Robinson, Bakery Manager, Anaheim - Bread Division.

Value Statement For over 80 years, the mission of Bridgford Foods Corporation has been to develop, produce, sell and distribute superior quality food products that provide a consistent value to our customers. We strive to provide gainful and rewarding careers for our employees, and are in the enviable position of having many long-time employees with a passion for our business and a determination to keep it successful. We work to archieve a fair return for our shareholders. We adhere to the highest ethical standards. We treat our customers and employees with honesty, respect, dignity and appreciation. We believe that we wrap our future in every package, and stand behind the products we sell 100%. We are proud of our company and are committed to enhancing its assets and resources. We strive to be responsive, dependable and accountable to our associates, and view our relationships with customers and suppliers as partnerships. We believe that innovation is essential to the future success of our business, and strive to be industry trendsetters in the development of new products. We are enthusiastic and communicate openly and honestly in our dealings with all of our stockholders.


Bridgford Foods of Illinois Bridgford Foods of North Carolina
Bridgford Foods of Illinois
170 N. Green Street, Chicago, IL 60607
Bridgford Foods of North Carolina
112 Progress Place, Statesville, NC 28677
Superior Foods Division Frozen Rite Division
Superior Foods Division
9001 Chancellor Row, Dallas, TX 75247
Frozen Rite Division
1601 S Good-Latimer Expwy, Dallas, TX 75226
Bridgford Foods of California
1308 N Patt Street, Anaheim, CA 92801
PO Box 3773, Anaheim, CA 92803